Every weekend here in Thailand brings with it a new adventure…and with every weekend that passes I am absolutely sure that I have experienced the best and that nothing could possibly top what I’ve just done… and every weekend Thailand proves me wrong, continually giving me more  excitement and wonderful oppertunities. That being said however, with all the incredible experiences I’ve had, I can confidently say that Elephant World has had the biggest impact on me and is something that will stick with forever.


I arrived at the incredible Elephant World, an elephant sanctuary for rescued and old elephants, where the motto is: “Where we work for the elephants and the elephants not for us”, and immediately got involved with the elephants, feeding them fresh fruit like watermelon and banana. I could not belive how close I was or that I was actually feeding an elephant!


After the elephants have had their snack, you get to watch them bath and play in the mud, which I could do for hours. They get really playful and it’s adorable to see just how much they enjoy the water- especially the younger ones.


Some of the rescued elephants are really old and they don’t grow teeth anymore, so they can’t eat foods which needs chewing, so they get meals specially prepared for them. I got to help cook a sticky rice and pumpkin dish and then actually hand fed one of the old elephants! It was so incredibly special to be able to do this.



My favourite activity of the day by far was bathing the elephants. I got right in the water with them and gave them a good scrub. It was so much fun! Especially because of how much the elephants enjoy it. I can’t describe how incredible it was to be able to take part in that. Being so close, I was overwhelmed by how majestic these beautiful animals are but at the same time so vulnerable.


After spending the day with the elephants – getting to feed them, bath them, watch them and learn about just how intelligent and empathetic they are – they have become my favourite animal by far. The whole day made such an impact on me and it is one that I will never forget. My heart has truely been stolen by these gorgeous animals♡


Wonderous Waterfalls

Erawen Waterfalls

So I started my Saturday morning with an exhilarating hike through the Erawen National Park. It was such an incredible day! You hike along a trail that takes you up past seven tiers of waterfalls! I have NEVER seen anything more beautiful or serene! Each tier literally took my breath away- I would stop at each waterfall and just stand there in complete awe!


The trail alone is gorgeous, you’re surrounded by so many different trees and plants and the views along the way are magnificent! BUT the waterfalls- WOW! They’re actually undescribable. They are the most stunning turquoise colour.


The hike started off quite easy but gets harder the higher you climb, by tiers five and six it got pretty tough but I persevered and made it all the way up to tier seven. It was totally worth it!


On the way down I took a dip in some of the differenet pools and even slid down some rocks at tier five- which was awesome!


I can honestly say this was one of my favourite days and I would do it again in a heartbeat! I’m still in wonderment at how all that beauty is complety natural.

Take me to the ocean…

Weekend Away At Hui Hin


There are few things in this world that I love more than the beach. Everything about spending time near the ocean just feels so good for the soul♡ So it’s no surprise that my weekend away at Hui Hin has been one of my favourites since being in Thailand.


Being able to lay on the beach, soaking up the sun and salty sea air, listening to the sound of the waves crashing over and over, gives me such a sense of contentment, I feel like I could spend my life one the beach.


So not only did I spend the weekend in my element, wasting the day away on the beach… I also got to explore the charming streets of Hui Hin, lined with lively cafés, restuarants and bars- the vibrant energy is contagious!

20170123_132908.jpgWith its unpretentious charm, vivacious energy and beauty, Hui Hin has easily become one of my favourite destinations.


Profoundly Moving

With each passing week that I spend here in Thailand, it seems that every couple of days offers yet another captivating experience.

Friday the 20th of January marked 100 days since the passing of Thailand’s King Bhumibal Adulyadej, and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a ceremony in his honour.


The ceremony was both aesthically and spiritually moving. I can honestly say that it was one of the most profound experiences of my life.

Government officials wore their white civil uniforms ( In Thailand when attending a formal ceremony, you wear the most formal clothes you own) and everyone else wore black, besides the monks of coarse. The monks performed a prayer chant and although I didnt understand them, I found it to be beautifully moving and extremely emotional. The admiration and respect the Thai people have for their belated king is really quite inspiring.

After the prayers and tributes the people line up and give their offerings of food, flowers, incense sticks and other goods to the monks. You place your offering in a silver bowl before the monks and give a bow of respect. The monks do not speak at all but do give a slight nod of recognition. Giving food to the monks at is done to remind us not to be selfish or greedy.


I was in complete wonderment throughout the ceremony and found it to be a very moving experience.

The more time I spend experiencing the Thai way of life and their culture, the more respect and adoration I have for them.

Weekend of reflection: Adventure through Chiang Mai

I spent this previous weekend exploring the lively city of Chiang Mai and surroundings. The entire trip was crammed with the most spectacular sights and beautiful experiences.


Friday night and Saturday morning were spent travelling by coach to Chiang Mai; there’s just something I adore about long drives, so this was the perfect way to start my journey.

We arrived at Doi Inthanon International Park at what felt like the crack of dawn and made our way up the mountain by truck tuk. I have never been so cold in life! but I have never seen anything as beautiful either. The gardens, the temples and the views literally took my breath away.


Next up was the Royal Park Rajapruek Gardens. The elaborate gardens exquisitely designed that they almost look unreal. I was lucky enough to visit the temples during dusk, which only added to the beauty of it all.


Chaing Mai Street Night Market. Wow! What an experience! The streets were teeming with tourists from all over the world eager to explore the many different stalls. It was pretty overwhelming at first, but with the sense of excitement you can’t help but get drawn in.

Sunday morning was  spent trekking up mountains through a hill tribe. Never having been exposed to anything like this before, I was absolutely fascinated by the way these people live. A community lives secluded alonway the mountain. The views were magnificent. I could’ve spent forever up there, soaking in the beauty.


One of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve done has to be the Doi Mon Kwham Lang Skywalk. Walking across that bridge amongst the very high tree tops gave a completely different perspective of the world. It made me think of just how small I am, in comparison to the vastness if this world.


My favourite and most meaningful experience by far was the Watphathathariphunchai Temples in Lamphun. Going in, I was in absolute awe of it all. The temples are intricately designed and so much detail is put into every aspect of the building. More than the physical aesthetics, I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of peace and serenity while in the temple. I found the spirituality of the people inspiring.

20170115_155825So to end off, I have to say that this is one weekend I’ll never forget. Being exposed to the beauty of not only the gorgeous surroundings, but to the tranquility of the people, really changed my perspective on the way I view the world and made me realise just how much I have yet to explore and discover. 


First blog post

The start of something beautiful

Hi there! I’m Jess, …So I’ve decided to COMPLETELY step out of my very safe and structured  comfort zone to make life one BIG adventure!

I’m hoping you’ll join me in my journey of wonder and discovery as I embark on the next exciting chapter of my life!